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Breaking: Students in Saudi Arabia Protest for Free Speech at Warwick

Freedom University Riyadh in Saudi Arabia has seen violent protests in the past week as students demonstrated in solidarity against censorship at Warwick University in the United Kingdom.

Breaking: Students in Saudi Arabia Protest for Free Speech at Warwick

The human rights whistleblowing organisation ‘Spiked’ alerted the world to the egregious assaults on freedom of speech on campus when it ranked Warwick University ‘Red’.

The most recently exposed crimes are said to be a product of the axis of evil between the Student Union, some political cult societies and the University’s corporate bosses.

One protestor said: “It’s such a pity that Warwick students aren’t allowed such basic freedoms. Our hearts reach out to them”.

The egregious violations highlighted by Spiked include the attempt to silence Maryam Namazie by the Student Union and a successful attempt to prevent a debate on Isreali Policy in Gaza, organised by a group of academics, allegedly in cahoots with the Friends of Palestine Society.

The protests, which were gender segregated and prohibited drinking and gays, were organised by Freedom University’s Student Union which gave the statement that: “Human rights today should be fought for in solidarity in all places of education, even those more backward such as those we find in the United Kingdom. We as conscientious international citizens cannot sit idly by and watch free speech be crushed”.