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Letter: A Quick Explanation of the Tab Power List

Is it social media marketing?


‘Vote now for this year’s biggest names on campus’, they say. But why? Why has the Tab finally decided to rank well-connected students by their ‘power’?

Certainly, the argument over which of Christian McCaffery, Vivienne Lazib and Ka Yan Ly wields the most power has become an old one. Campus is no longer abuzz with the discussion. Woods-Scawen does not reach capacity for each of the weekly debates on the matter. The piazza has not, since December, overflowed with enrapt revellers, watching the live debate on the big screen.

Nonetheless, the Tabrecently criticised for profiting from a largely unpaid network of journalists (by the Guardian, which — the Tab claims — operates a similar network), has been so kind as to take the reigns and settle the matter.

Again, why? Something to do with social media reach, unfortunately. The most well connected Warwick folk are pitted in competition with each other, on the assumption that a large proportion  will get serious about it. They’ll share links to the Tab’s voting page. Suddenly, the longest friend lists on Warwick are receiving Tab shares.

The second half? Each share includes either a heartfelt or pisstake plea for votes, which — in all probability — will lead to a lot of engagement (clicks).

The Tab wins. Pretty good idea really.

In response, we made our own power list.