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Hoar website hit by suspected DDoS attack

We must be doing something right.

Hoar website hit by suspected DDoS attack

Hackers may have attempted a DDoS attack on this morning.

Users of the website’s article submission system were unable to log in for approximately an hour mid-morning of Monday 7 March, though page visitors were unaffected.

Analysis of the supposed attack has suggested that it originated from a Virgin Media broadband connection in the Midlands and an unknown proxy in the USA. It is suspected that an individual is behind the attack (because, on reflection, it was shit).

A DDoS attack, or distributed denial-of-service attack is an attempt to make a web service resource unavailable to its intended users, analogous to a group of people crowding a door to prevent legitimate parties from entering by it.

A month-old ‘defender of free speech, satire, and novel ideas’, The Hoar has garnered extensive criticism and been called ‘uninsightful [sic] and offensive’.

Nonetheless, The Hoar’s average social media engagement (number of likes and shares) is more than four times higher than the most established campus publication’s, and already half that of Warwick’s largest social media news presence.

Please try harder next time.