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Getting Paid To Listen To Music We Enjoy #1/1 /// Sunday Week 10 /// Launch /// 30p Cups of Coffee

Tickets available on the door.

Getting Paid To Listen To Music We Enjoy #1/1 /// Sunday Week 10 /// Launch /// 30p Cups of Coffee

20 March at 22:00 — 03:00, or whenever I can be bothered

Zephyr Lounge, because fucking obviously

Get down to the Zephyr Lounge this Sunday for the first ever Getting Paid To Listen To Music We Enjoy! Me and my house are tired of Not Getting Paid To Listen To Music We Enjoy, and the recent trend of watching people play their Soundcloud bookmarks in Moo for monetary reward really speaks to us on an artistic and financial level. We want to bring something new to the Leamington scene, but more importantly everyone else is Getting Paid To Listen To Music They Enjoy, so why not us?


Me Probably The Life of Pablo on repeat. There’s no way it’s actually as shit as I think it is. I just need to get into it.

My Flatmate Chris He’s really been getting into early Talking Heads so you might hear something from More Songs About Buildings and Food, idk.

My Other Flatmate Who’s Also Called Chris Soul (Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western).

Big Pete Jack Garrett, Tom Odell, and other Sound Of… winners. Pete’s a fucking wanker but he’s the only one who sorts out bills.

30p cups of coffee / 20p cups of tea /  (ALL NIGHT) (BRING YOUR OWN MILK AND SUGAR)

ENTRY: £20 (this is definitely a one off and we’ll do t-shirts and wristbands and paint your faces and come and clean your houses the next day, so it’s clearly a premium package)