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3.2 uncontroversial principles established at the All Student Meeting

98% even agreed that 'Hitler was a bad man'

3.2 uncontroversial principles established at the All Student Meeting

In an entirely unexpected turn of events at this term’s All-Student Meeting, Warwick students have agreed almost unanimously with six ubiquitous moral precepts suggested to them in a loaded manner.

Among the questions asked, perhaps the most surprising was the notion that Warwick University should make efforts ‘Against Anti-Semitism’. In exit polling, some respondents suggested that endeavours should not simply be limited to the above, stating that other mainstream moral paradigms were being ignored. Head of Anti-Racism Society, Peter Lane, stated that ‘we need to make it extremely clear that race-motivated killings are wrong’, and that ‘a blatantly obvious’ motion was needed to clarify a ‘well-established moral norm’.

Other radical liberal advances include the provocative resolution ‘Mental Illness is an Unpleasant Experience’, even going as far as saying that individuals suffering from them ‘should be treated’. Warwick Amnesty were delighted that a controversial resolution titled ‘Human Rights Are Generally a Good Idea’ was received well at the All-Student meeting, despite opinion polling showing a massive 0% agreement with the idea that ‘the horrific mutilation of innocent people is an equitable and humane pastime’.