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‘Lion Motivation Day’ to follow doggy de-stress

“It’s simple really. We just let students spend 10 minutes in a lion’s den.”

‘Lion Motivation Day’ to follow doggy de-stress

The latest idea of Gerald Pacemaker whose past successes in study-help initiatives have included ‘Flatmate Castration Hour’, ‘Lecturer Voodoo Week’ and ‘Textbook Osmosis Month’.

Gerry told us “it’s simple really, we just open up a lion’s den where students that are prone to procrastination can spend ten minutes scared senseless to get them right on track.

“I’m predicting a 500% increase in productivity for all survivors.”

In response to sceptics who pointed out the number of fatalities in the testing phase, Gerry said, “well, none of the participants have complained so far once they could talk again… and the lions seem happy”

The first ten sessions have been fully booked, but check the library website for future sessions.