The Hoarchive

Satire, freshly squeezed from Warwick Uni

The Hoar book, pictured on a white studio background.

A universal university?

University is nothing more than a juxtaposition with dimension, a confusing parallel of empowerment and belittlement, a standardised procedural construct that’s lucid to approval or dismissal.

A universal university?

The view of going is an averaged objective and the expressive voices and begrudging nudges express both admiration and resignation whilst the inner voice of reason toys with the combination of victory and failure in an obviously secretive manner. The middle ground is unfathomable, the idea that there is a middle ground is questionable, and the search for this place is founded, yet sparse; and hard, yet stupid.

The intoxication of the atmosphere and the richness of the education, the embracive social meetings, and the uncomfortably little breathing space contain the best moments of one’s life. The seclusion of separation between the student profiles generation and the generation of public profiles is unavoidable, the diminishing notion of isolation is of staggering self-power and belief, boiling over with anxiety and realised ideology. It’s an impossible spectral definition of highs and lows with constant contradiction and automatic confusion but it is an ordered system within the unordered spectrum that is embraced and loved, it is undefinable by definition and unique by creation, guided in its separation and bound by its connection, it is an anomaly of context.