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‘Visionary’ suggests fitting additional library sockets during summer break

A ‘visionary’ fresher has sparked social media fervour by intimating that library socket provision could be improved by fitting more sockets.

‘Visionary’ suggests fitting additional library sockets during summer break

Iva Nydea, first year economics student, shook Warwick’s establishment yesterday by suggesting that the library could be fitted with additional power sockets during the summer holiday.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Nydea explained that, “The socket problem can be split  twofold. Firstly, the number of sockets available falls damagingly short of demand during exam season. Secondly, by the time anyone remembers this it’s exam season and any efforts to improve the situation would be so disruptive that they’d be even more unpopular.

“I propose a simple solution: preemptively invest in additional sockets during a period when the library receives limited use, so as to reduce impact and disruption.”

The university has not yet responded to Mr Nydea’s suggestion, but is expected to rebuff it curtly. A statement is likely to include an explanation that the “fabric of the building” makes wiring “difficult”, and to emphasise that the library continues to invest in new books instead.