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‘Everything’ reported as being ‘just like Black Mirror’

Although the series was created to darkly depict an accelerated version of our present world, people all over campus are starting to notice that ‘everything’ is ‘just like’ the TV show Black Mirror. 

‘Everything’ reported as being ‘just like Black Mirror’

First-year philosophy student, Phil E Stein, noted how, in a dreary Claycroft kitchen before an entirely predictable trip to Neontwo girls “decided to pretty much document the whole of pre-drinks, spending more time Snapchat filming the mild excitement of flipping soggy cards to determine who drinks what, than enjoying their knock-off vodka mixed with rainbow juice and the company of those around them, you know, just like Black Mirror”.

Phil has not been alone in noticing similarities between real-life in 2016 and a show dedicated to accurately depicting a world similar to real-life in 2016.

Avoiding looming essay deadlines and fighting off heavy eyelids in the early afternoon at Warwick library, Sue Spicion recounts stumbling across a BBC article concerning a man being covertly filmed masturbating, “just like in Black Mirror, I swear that show keeps on predicting stuff just before it happens…

Sure, they only attempted to elicit money, they didn’t make him rob a bank and kill a paedophile —but it’s eerie just how close it all is”. Rather than hide under her desk with a tinfoil hat, a bottle of Rye, and a pack of Camels, Sue took to the Twittersphere to decry the ills of a globalised internet.

No one, it seems, is immune to picking up on Black Mirror-esque happenings. Personally, I was shocked to find 1-5 star ratings for football players in the Guardian. You know, just like that Black Mirror episode when everyone has a rating to keep up. Spooky.