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Trump ‘on edge’ after threat from Warwick sociology student

United States president-elect Donald Trump is reportedly ‘anxious’ and ‘on edge’ after receiving a threatening message from a Warwick sociology student.

Trump ‘on edge’ after threat from Warwick sociology student

The message “Fuck Trump” was seen scrawled on a ‘Stand up to Racism’ poster displayed in the halls of the sociology department the morning after the results of the US elections were announced. This shocking act of political angst has since reached Trump’s closest advisors, who reportedly have urged him to “remain alert”.

“Understandably, the president-elect is concerned,” a Republican spokesperson said in a public press statement in Washington DC this afternoon. “This is Mr. Trump’s first attack from Warwick’s sociology students who are historically renowned for their extreme political activism through radical Facebook rants, public seminars condemning advocates of the free market, and the distribution of defamatory posters and badges.”

“I don’t know who wrote the ‘Fuck Trump’ graffiti,” said Sabrina Jones, a final year sociology undergraduate. “But we have started collecting signatures to propose a Warwick SU motion which, if successful, will permanently remove Trump from planet earth with a giant laser beam. We have been interrupting lectures and yelling aggressively through megaphones at passers-by in the Piazza to promote this campaign. We are currently negotiating with the Physics department for access to the laser.” And what if the motion is unsuccessful? “Clearly the only remaining option would be to occupy Stuart Croft’s office.”

An official statement was made by the SU President, Jerry Bycorn, this afternoon:

“These profound and brave acts of activism are what have come to define the progressive and spirited nature of Warwick Sociology that we are so proud of here at the Student’s Union. This SU publically condemns Trump, racists, bigots, monarchists, white males, neoliberals, sexists, fascists, heteronormatives, the wealthy, transphobes, Conservatives and all their allies.

“Subsequently, we fully support Warwick Sociology’s political outcry. Whilst this is their first attack directed at the United States, their activism has proved extremely successful in the past and I have no doubt that ripples will be made worldwide. I speak on behalf of all students everywhere when I say that if this message has any effect in destabilising the Trump presidency, it can be considered a successful one.”