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Radical feminists protest outside WFFE protest protesting their exclusion from protest

Germaine Greer and Kate Bush are said to have spearheaded a group of Tories, TERFs and WFFE

Radical feminists protest outside WFFE protest protesting their exclusion from protest

Content Warning: Contains content

Warwick For Re-Education Free Education announced that, in order to sanitise the occupation space from unwanted degenerates, “No Tories, No fascists, No racists, No cops, No security, No management, and No Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists” are to be permitted access to the protest.

The blanket ban on these minority groups has sparked both counter protests, and questions as to who is actually welcome in The Slate occupation.

Protests have been headed by notable radical feminists such as Germaine Greer, who, above all else, are surprised to find themselves to be the new oppressors. Some amongst the ranks have indeed begun to protest against themselves. In line with the safe space policy, a reporter asked Greer for her gender, to which she replied “leave my fucking genitals out of this”.

Hardline feminists haven’t been the only group upset by their inclusion in the exclusion roster; national sweetheart Kate Bush arrived earlier today to provide musical support to the solidarity movement — only to find that her admiration of Theresa May trumped her respect for the workers of academia in the eyes of the protesters. She, in turn, joined Warwick’s phlegmatic lumps of posh white Tories in being deemed too potent for the precious political perfection of the occupation zone.

All this follows news that WFFE has announced plans to ban itself from further occupations as a consequence of its ‘exclusionary behaviour’, notably following accusations that WFFE is actually a group of rightist infiltrators seeking to humiliate and degrade what could otherwise be a decent cause.

Talks are still ongoing regarding the feasibility of accepting Jews, Catholics, and people with Amazon accounts into similar such protests.