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Trump temporarily bans Warwick students from US

Current and former students at the University of Warwick will not be permitted to enter the USA, following ‘significant security fears’.

Trump temporarily bans Warwick students from US

Donald Trump, everybody’s favourite representative of democracy, has signed an emergency executive order that blocks individuals with close ties to Warwick from passing into the USA.

The surprise immigration ban follows a 300-strong Warwick piazza protest at the president’s slightly insane muslim ban.

“This ban is about terror and keeping the country safe,” according to a tweeted statement. “It’s not about Warwick. I love Warwick. It’s great. I love Warwick.

“These protestors hate America. It’s true. They hate America. They do. They hate it.

“I love my country. I do. And these protestors hate America. They do. It’s true.”

It’s not true.