The Hoar: industry award winner for fake news

The Hoar Newspaper (that is, the printed arm of the paper) has become an industry award winner in the category of fake news.

Theadora welcomed the award in her acceptance speech, saying:

“Ever since we began we have tried to encourgage our new genre of news across the industry, in pursuit of our dream of a fully fledged fake news economy.

“Despite receiving criticism we persevered and we were delighted to see the popularisation of our format reaching its peak in the American election. With this award fake news is finally a recognised and respected genre of journalism and we are proud to say it all started here at the Hoar!”

Theadora thanked her parents and her friends, as well as her silent partner Stuart Croft, whom she said had been a great financial supporter of the news paper.

Trigger Warning: This news story may potentially be fake and, despite claims to the contrary, we are yet to find a printed copy of the Hoar.