Freshers unsure whether friend’s post about Jesus is for real

A first year has confused her uni friends by posting a six paragraph ode to Jesus’s eternal love for all things.

Dante Alegoye, first year English literature student, posted the observation to Facebook on Thursday evening, apparently after a friend beautifully bared her soul in an undisclosed divine act of kindness.

Alegoye’s post includes such phrases as ‘our Lord God is sensational FR’, ‘His beauty as present in each of us is SO lit’ and ‘the cute baby Jesus’.

“I couldn’t tell if she was taking the piss,” said Diagoras Melos, a first year maths student who shares a kitchen with Alegoye. “All term she seemed like a normal person, but I guess we never mentioned religion.”

Others have questioned the health of a university where students feel the need to hide their religious beliefs from their casual acquaintances.

“A modern university is a secular organisation,” said Poppy Francis, who knows all about religion, “but religion can form a large part of a person’s identity. It’s repressive when such people don’t feel comfortable to express that part of their identity in daily company.”

Still more, however, can’t quite believe that anyone still believes in god.

“I thought god went out when we stopped watching TV on TVs or talking friends on the phone,” said Milly Ennial, third-year with her head screwed on right.